About Phoebus

If you are following photography on any social media site, you will have come across photo themes, projects and challenges – all of which are regularly, for example weekly, repeating events with curators asking for a specific type of photo, and participants publishing their take on that theme, often using a unique hashtag.

The Phoebus app (available for Android™) strives to automate the more mundane parts of this process, to help you concentrate on what really counts – your creativity.

Whether you just want to be reminded of posting a photo regularly, want to participate in an already existing theme, or want to be challenged to specific images by the app itself – just set up a new inspiration and the app will notify you whenever an image is due: Read more about the various inspiration types here.

Sharing is possible directly from the app, which will even suggest some text to go with your photo, including a set of hashtags. You can also share your reminders with friends, allowing you to work on the same challenges and compare your results later: Read more about sharing here.