Sharing works in two ways:

Add people

First, you can share some of the inspiration cards being shown in the list with a group of friends or an online community. Tapping on the “Add people” button in the detail view creates a URL and brings up the sharing dialog of your phone. From there, you can share via any app you might have installed on the device, including social media sites or even mail.

Example: You and a group of friends like to take images of trees and share them on Tuesdays? Create the Tree Tuesday Theme in the app and share it with whomever you like using this link. While it will open as an invitation to participate in the app for people who have it installed on their devices, it will lead to this web site with an explanation for everyone else:

Open sharing dialog

Second, whenever the app notifies you that an image is due for one of the reminders, themes or inspirations you created, you can share directly from the app as well. Every inspiration card comes with a “share” button that brings up the device’s sharing dialog. After choosing the appropriate app, you will see suggested standard text for your share, including some appropriate hashtags. Edit the text however you like, add an image and you are ready to go.

The default setting is to archive any card after a share – it will return with a new notification next week.