Creating a new inspiration

Adding a new inspiration card to your list is easy: As long as there are free slots available, you will see a card asking you to “create new inspiration” at the end of the list.

Tap it, and you will first be prompted to add a title. This title can be anything you like, but try to keep it short and concise.

Using the slider below it, you can change the frequency of your new inspiration. Keeping it at “weekly” means that you will be asked for a new image once a week on a certain, random day. If you like to set the exact day of the week, you can move the slider to the right and choose one of the days yourself. Additional, there’s a “daily” setting to the left, and “fortnightly” (once every two weeks) and “monthly” (once every four weeks) to the right.

Use the second slider to choose from one of the availably inspiration types. Learn more about those types here.